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Revenue Share up to 30%

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Gambling Affilation

Affiliate programs among bookmakers are becoming as effective a marketing tool as online casinos. The reason is simple – they guarantee equal or similar benefits to all participants of the cooperation. One of such global affiliate aggregates is the brand operating on the Internet at gambling affiliation. The company specializes in recommending the best online gambling campaigns and games.

Users can quickly and conveniently compare offers in games such as:

  • special bookmakers;
  • poker;
  • horse racing;
  • roulette, one-armed bandit, blackjack.

Anyone interested with Gamblig Affiliation can compare and search the majority of verified offers and proposals for the game in a given discipline or on specific financial conditions.

This platform is an offer not only for ordinary users, but also for advertisers. All you need to do is create one account to get many functions. By opening an account, the user has the option of controlling the statistics of his campaigns, managing campaigns and downloading marketing materials. Every day, many players are recruited, which is why the advertiser has great opportunities.


Despite numerous legal and tax restrictions, bookmakers on the Internet and in the form of mobile applications are developing today, also in Poland. Bet At Home belongs to one of the largest international bookmakers’ offers and takes care of constantly expanding the customer base by actively pursuing its own affiliate program.

Co-operation with the Bet At Home affiliate program is very profitable. Sites that redirect active users and registered customers to the pages of this bookmaker, can count on paying a pretty satisfactory commission at the level of 5 to even 30 percent counted on the turnover generated by a specific customer.

Affiliate websites therefore make sure that users with experience will be cooperating with Bet At Home. They send users who are somehow selected or trained to set up an account, pay the first deposit and bet on the coupon, and with the loss of the first funds. Ideally, if you are a person ready to re-transfer your virtual wallet. Each such deposit will also mean a profit for a partner operating within the affiliate network. So, for both the bookmaker and the referrer, it is a system that guarantees profits.

Bookmaker affiliate programs on the web

The affiliate program usually allows you to extend the working period from a few to several months in the case of the best bidders. Therefore, as a typical marketing solution, it definitely dominates over other proposals for direct payment for client’s redirection. In the most basic form of network marketing, the referring client receives a minimum payment for the fact that the Internet user appeared at all at the indicated address. Often, however, there is no benefit for the target domain from such a visit. Therefore, online gambling affiliate programs are introducing bookmaker marketing to a completely different level – it offers benefits only to those affiliate partners who will redirect their customers to strong, paying and active players.

Gambling affiliate programs combine websites capable of effectively advertising someone’s bookmaker’s offer with bookmakers or online casinos. Together, they form a network of mutual commands and recommendations, making it easier to catch potential players / tipsters online. Payment of remuneration is made on a commission basis, so only the real cash turnover by the client is able to result in the payment of a certain percentage for bookmaker affiliates.

Offers available on the market

Today, many brands operate dynamically on the bookmaking market, many of which have international reach and are globally recognizable. However, even in spite of their remarkably external advertising, they decide to reach for trusted and tested Betting affiliates, which means websites that generate targeted traffic and are selected. Affiliate programs are so effective because they respond to the needs of customers already familiar with the topic. For example, the bookmaker’s portal as part of sportsbook affiliate programs may be referred by a website that advertises itself as a beginners’ guide and a specialist forum for advanced players.

However, there are many schemes in partner programs that allow you to get the most out of this system:

  • aggregate comparing best betting affiliate programs is limited to collecting, indexing and categorizing individual offers, campaigns and proposals from the bookmaking market or online casinos – all depending on the query or advanced search carried out by the user;
  • a single private website aimed at redirecting its selected group of recipients (eg to users learning the basics of sports typing) to a specific entity (eg Bet At Home), with which the website was involved in long-term partnership cooperation;
  • advanced players with a large capital to invest in specific sports events are constantly reviewing the best gambling affiliate programs in order to compare bidders and quickly match the parameters of the price offer with each other – this allows the selection of the most advantageous offer on the bookmaking market;
  • betting betting participating in betting affiliate programs can count on gaining new groups of customers who until now were used to the services of only one bookmaker – at the same time minimize the inflow of users who after spending one session on the domain will never return to the indicated address.

The functioning of affiliate programs

In affiliate programs, the most important thing is that nobody earns or gains on empty traffic, which means simple clicking and basic user activity. To get high, regular and satisfying Betting affiliates earnings, it is necessary to acquire such an Internet user who will set up his account at a given address, pay the first and subsequent deposits to regularly play and make new cash bets.

Only then the bookmaker will be happy to share his profits with gambling affiliates, who allowed him to improve his financial results and gain a regular customer. In every business, a new regular customer is the most desirable value. Gambling affiliate network allows you to regularly recruit new members to the program without having to pay for a marketing campaign in advance or to share profits before they are realistically available.

This is a model that works internationally and is willingly used by nearly one hundred global and recognizable and local bookmaker and gambling sites.

The following attributes are responsible for its success:

  • transparent rules of cooperation
  • the opportunity to succeed both by large domains and smaller, specialized thematic portals, forums, blogs, etc.
  • fixed payment of the percentage commission on the turnover generated by the customer registered in the portal from the affiliate website address
  • a simple, transparent and very extensive search engine for campaigns and bookmaking and gambling offers, allowing for the current selection of these bidders, bookmakers agents or intermediaries who currently present the best price parameters.

Of course, sportsbook affiliates can specialize in a very specific range of sports betting. That is why some equestrian websites will promote and advertise only those bookmakers who give the opportunity to play a wide range of horse races. However, the largest international bookmaker affiliate programs also give access to information on promotions and prizes that individual bookmakers offer to anyone interested.

It is much easier to encourage the customer to open an account and make a first deposit if sports betting affiliate programs advertise a start bonus in the form of a multiple of the first deposit. However, the most important thing is the player’s presence in the affiliate program as long as possible. The player’s fees are important – for the affiliate partner they mean the real participation in the bookmaker’s commission system.