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Best Bitcoin Casinos 2022

The best Bitcoin casinos – just here for you! More and more online casinos now accept Bitcoin as a payment method. We have tested all online casinos with the popular cryptocurrency.

Who convinced us and which providers are the category winners? You can find all this in the following sections of the BTC Casino test.

Is paying with Bitcoin casino secure?

A payment with Bitcoin works differently than you might know it from regular payment providers. Since BTC is traded and operated decentrally, there is no executing institution. The security comes from the blockchain, in which transactions are recorded and which cannot be manipulated.

How secure your Bitcoin transactions are depends mainly on the complexity of your private key. The harder it is to crack your password, the more secure your Bitcoin balance will be. If you protect yourself well here, you will be paying with the most secure payment method ever.

Fees and limits

Bitcoin casinos do not charge any fees for transactions. Fees are only charged for the Bitcoin network. Among other things, these are collected and distributed as rewards for Bitcoin miners. How high this fee is, you can determine independently. Many wallets also offer you the option to calculate the fees automatically according to the network load. This way you don’t have to worry about anything personally.

The deposit limits vary between the different BTC casinos. As a rule, however, you benefit from the highest limits when depositing with Bitcoin, if there are any at all for this payment method. For high rollers, online casinos with Bitcoin are therefore super suitable.

Advantages and disadvantages of online casinos with Bitcoin gambling

In this BTC test it becomes clear: Bitcoins have advantages, but of course also disadvantages. The advantages are that it is a currency that is independent of the economic development of other currencies. Should the euro, dollar and co lose value, the Bitcoin will remain unaffected.

Moreover, dealing with Bitcoins is very simple. All the user needs is the appropriate software on the computer and a counterparty – such as BTC casinos – that accepts Bitcoins. Another advantage of Bitcoins is the relatively low fees that the user has to pay here.

For those who are concerned about legality, Bitcoins are a legal online currency that allows users to pay in online casinos with Bitcoin without banks interfering.

Another disadvantage is the sometimes fluctuating price of the cryptocurrency. Bitcoins can gain or lose value within a short period of time.

Advantages of Bitcoin Casinos:

  • Payment is almost completely anonymous with BTC

  • Without intermediary banks online casinos can offer Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin are independent of price developments of other currencies

  • Low fees for depositing in Bitcoin casinos

Bitcoin casinos disadvantages:

  • Sometimes the bitcoin is excluded from the bonus

  • The cryptocurrency is sometimes subject to strong price fluctuations

  • High demand on the security of the own computer

  • Bitcoin is only allowed at casinos with Curacao license

What makes a good Bitcoin casino?

We rate a good online casino with Bitcoin as follows: In addition to the Bitcoin casino bonus, our experts also test the range of games, the security, the license and the mobile app of the BTC casinos. In the next sections, I will go into more detail about the evaluation criteria.

Bonus promotions with Bitcoin

Almost every Bitcoin casino lures with a bonus, but not every bonus offer is equally good. Bitcoin online casinos try to retain players with new customer, deposit and free play bonuses. In the next sections, I will go into more detail about the individual bonus types and explain their advantages and disadvantages.

However, all bonus types have one thing in common: you can secure them with a Bitcoin deposit. Unlike conventional payment methods like Skrill or Neteller, Bitcoin is rarely excluded from the bonus offer.

BTC bonus without deposit

The online casino no deposit bonus is the most coveted of all casino offers. With such an offer, you already receive free spins for a successful registration with which you can win real money. Some Bitcoin casinos also offer a no deposit bonus.

Deposit bonus with Bitcoin

The bonus offers in Bitcoin casinos differ in amount and multiplication factor. What all offers have in common is that you have to make a deposit before you can enjoy your bonus credit. This is where Bitcoin comes into play. You can secure any deposit bonus with the cryptocurrency.

In a Bitcoin Casino test, our experts not only pay attention to the bonus amount and the multiplier, but also the bonus conditions such as the turnover factor and bonus duration are included in the evaluation of the deposit bonus.

Free spins with Bitcoin

Free spins have become part of every good bonus. They are usually valid for a specific slot and can be redeemed within a predefined period of time. The great thing about free spins is that you don’t have to wager your own money, but you can still win real money. Whether these can then be converted or paid out directly differs from casino to casino.

More bonuses

In addition to the above bonus offers, there are also cashback and reload offers for existing customers. You can also secure these in online casinos with Bitcoin. Of course, our experts also check the offers for existing customers during a Bitcoin casino test. What good is the best Bitcoin casino bonus if nothing more is offered afterwards?

Often reload bonuses alternate with cashback promotions. What is especially cool about BTC Casinos is that cashback is paid out directly in Bitcoin. To stay up to date about existing customer offers, we recommend that you always subscribe to the Bitcoin Casino newsletter. That way, you will never miss out on any of the promotions.

Bitcoin gambling sites

The game selection in Bitcoin casinos is huge. The providers are not subject to any restrictions and therefore offer everything from crazy Bitcoin slots, table and card games to live games.

In a Bitcoin casino test, we check the security of the games. Do BTC slots pay out as prescribed? Do the game providers have valid licenses? In addition, we evaluate the variety of the offer. Are all popular game areas covered? Are there BTC casinos without table limits or games that can also be played with low stakes? Not every player has the same preferences, so a wide range of games is an advantage.

Btc gambling

Slots make up the bulk of a Bitcoin casino. You can often choose from several thousand titles. How do you keep track of them when you want to play with BTC? Most of the time, there is a filter function where you can set how many reels a slot has or which theme a slot machine has.

In addition, you can often filter by volatility and RTP value. At providers like 7Bit Casino or Playamo you can play BTC slots directly in Bitcoin.

Table and card games

Of course, you can also play classic table and card games like roulette, blackjack or baccarat with Bitcoin. The game selection is usually a bit smaller than for slots, but Bitcoin casinos often offer several variants of individual games.

Live games with Btc casino

The online live casino usually runs in its own section. Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Live, NetEnt Live and Ezugi are the most well-known providers in these games and run almost all live casino offerings.

In Live Bitcoin Casino, the focus is clearly on table and card games. Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack can be played with real dealers and croupiers at real tables with BTC.

The area of security is essential when it comes to Bitcoin online casinos. That is why our experts take a close look at this area during a Bitcoin casino test.

First, let’s see if the online casino with BTC has a gambling license and if so, from which country. Not every license is equally reputable and therefore equally valuable. But more about that in the next section.

After we have checked the license, let’s take a closer look at the data security. Which encryption certificate does the casino use and what is the privacy policy?

We also evaluate the reliability of the partners and the support. Is there an employee available at all times or are you alone with your problems?

In the end, our Bitcoin Casino experiences provide a detailed picture of how the provider works and whether you can play without hesitation. When it comes to BTC casinos, our experts naturally also place special emphasis on transaction security when depositing and withdrawing.


A valid casino license from Curacao is very important for a provider. Because only this allows cryptocurrencies in online casinos. The license is a kind of seal of approval for the BTC casino, with which the customer can also see that the work here is clean and fair. In order to get such an online gambling license, the providers must fulfill a number of requirements and conditions.

Since very large sums of money are sometimes in circulation in an online casino with Bitcoin, these funds must of course be secured. This does not only apply to the money itself, but also to the customers’ bank data. These must be so well encrypted that third parties cannot gain access to them and do fraudulent things with them.

However, the same security standards in Bitcoin casinos must also apply to customer data. This is because details such as name, address, date of birth, etc. must not be made public. In addition, the “fair gaming” factor comes into play, especially in online casinos. Most games in an online casino are computer-controlled. Therefore, the customer must be sure that the games are fair.

This is ensured by software that generates random numbers and game outcomes. This software plays a very big role in the evaluation and licensing of a Bitcoin casino. If this point – but also some other points – are not given, then the BTC casino will not receive a license.

Best bitcoin casino App

The BTC casinos mostly rely on a so-called web app for their mobile offer. This is the term for a mobile-optimized website that automatically detects access from a mobile device and adjusts the display and operation accordingly. This works very well for most Bitcoin casinos, which is why the desktop version is not really missed.

It is important that the web app loads quickly, is clearly laid out and fields in which data is to be entered are easy to use.

Native apps that you download from the App Store are actually a thing of the past. Web apps are easier to keep up to date and cheaper to implement. But that is absolutely no disadvantage.

New bitcoin casinos

Bitcoin is a so-called cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is a digital asset that also functions as a medium of exchange. The currency is traded decentrally and transactions are also recorded decentrally in a database (usually a blockchain).

The goal of most cryptocurrencies – including Bitcoin – was quite simple: to create a fast and secure means of payment that is not regulated by the financial apparatus or government authorities. For payments in Bitcoin casinos, this is particularly practical. Other currencies, such as Ethereum, are primarily used for smart contracts and the like.

Bitcoin is the best known, most successful and also most valuable of these cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency was first released in 2009 as open-source software and quickly achieved enormous growth in value.

Bitcoins are created through mining. To put it simply, enormous computing power is used to search for new blocks for the blockchain. If a block is closed, it receives a so-called HASH. The first miner to solve this HASH mathematically receives a predefined number of Bitcoins as a reward. As soon as a block is closed, a new block opens automatically.

The number of possible Bitcoin is predefined and will not exceed 21 million. Bitcoin are therefore a finite good, which is why the value increases due to the scarcity of Bitcoins.

How does the Bitcoin work?

The basis for Bitcoin is blockchain technology. It makes it possible for virtually anyone to mine Bitcoin. To do this, a complicated calculation problem must be solved. The first person to do this receives Bitcoins as a reward. However, the calculation tasks are so complicated that so much computing power is now needed that Bitcoin mining is no longer economical for private investors.

The electricity costs for the necessary server farm are simply too high. According to some estimates, Bitcoin mining now consumes more electricity than Italy.

In principle, Bitcoin can be seen as a digital code that has no value itself. This only arises through the trust of the market participants. For this reason, the Bitcoin price is also highly volatile. Currently, many users still hold their Bitcoin and use it as a risk asset.

However, in order to achieve a lasting breakthrough as a currency, Bitcoin must be used in everyday life. Bitcoin casinos can contribute in this area.

Why is the BTC casino attractive for online casinos?

There are a variety of reasons why BTC is extremely attractive for online casinos. The biggest advantage of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is certainly data protection. A deposit with Bitcoin is quasi anonymous. Your sensitive personal data such as bank details, name and address are not transmitted during a transaction.

Another advantage is the security. A payment with Bitcoin is super secure due to the blockchain technology. If you handle the data in your Bitcoin wallet carefully, a transaction cannot be intercepted by third parties. Also, the annoying conversion when paying abroad and the resulting exchange fees are eliminated.

Considering all these points, there is actually no reason why more Bitcoin casinos should not emerge. My prediction is that sooner or later the cryptocurrency will find its way into every good online casino, if their gambling license allows it.

Online gambling bitcoin

Bitcoin is of course not the only cryptocurrency that is accepted by Bitcoin casinos as a means of payment. Ethereum, Ripple or Litecoin are also among them.

Payments are fast, anonymous and completely secure. Just choose one of the cryptocurrencies and within a few moments your money will be safely in your player account.